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SCOOT Workshops

TRL holds 2-day workshops each year for traffic engineers and technicians. The objective of the course is to enable delegates to understand and apply SCOOT. Details about the next course and online booking details can be found on the TRL Software Website. , or contact TRL Software Sales.

The programme covers:

  1. The SCOOT method
    • The SCOOT traffic model
    • SCOOT optimisers
    • Vehicle detection
  2. Setting up a SCOOT system
    • Detector siting
    • Data requirements
    • Model validation
  3. Getting the best out of SCOOT
    • Congestion Management
    • SCOOT output
    • Customising SCOOT
  4. SCOOT facilities
    • Bus priority
    • ASTRID
    • Historic profiles
    • Gating
    • Emissions estimates
  5. Current research
    • Recent SCOOT versions
    • Future developments
  6. Practical exercises
    • Setting up SCOOT data
    • SCOOT validation